GreenFuel Technologies

There is something so incredibly amazing about a power plant that burns carbon based fuels, but reduces emissions by generating bio-diesel, ethanol, and food-grade protein. Check out GreenFuel Technologies or read about their work with the Arizona Public Service Company, then, I don't know, write your representatives in congress. If this technology could be used to produce spirulina... well, great things could happen, that's for sure.



The fist episode of Sanctuary ( was released today, a low resolution video to follow. The episodes are a little heavy on the CG, but I think it is well done. It's a little short, at 17 minutes, so I hope that they keep to a fairly quick release cycle. From the Sanctuary Wikipedia entry:

Amanda Tapping stars as 157 year old Dr. Helen Magnus, one of the first female doctors in the Royal College during Victorian England. She was engaged to Jack the Ripper, and also has a daughter by him, Ashley. However, Ashley does not yet know that Jack is her father. Dr. Magnus's father started a sanctuary for supernatural creatures, collected from all over the world. In her work with these creatures, Dr. Magnus has acquired her great longevity.


neat is simple is neat

Found this on Brass Goggles:

All done with still images and some panning.


OMFG zombies.

or, HAH part 2. a movie trailer mashup of "A Hard Days Night" and "Night of the Living Dead" really nice work, I think. Off to check my supplies of canned food and shotgun shells... It still looks like the earth itself is burning out my back door.



Hah. HAH. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well, maybe it's the clouds that tint the earth like yellow sporting glasses, or the constant ash falling like snow, but these forest fires have me in a decidedly post-apocalyptic mood. Prepare for zombie content!