Python goodness

howto: Hello world using python/gtk Creating a GUI using PyGTK and Glade: Building an Application with PyGTK and Glade: Howto to Talk with GoogleTalk in Python: Send email with attachment(s) in Python Python Email Libraries, part 1: POP3: Python Email Libraries, part 2: IMAP: Python Email Libraries, part 3: SMTP and Email Parsing: Devshed python tutorials: PyGTK tutorials: gnomes tutorials Developing Gnome Application with Python, parts 1 2 and 3: old A Beginner's Guide to Using pyGTK and Glade: Rapid Application Development with Python and Glade: writing a database application in glade using python/postgreSQL/gtk Creating a GNOME Web Browser with Python: writing a simple mozilla-based browser with python/gtk Writing win32 applications with python and glade: writing a podcast client to download embedded torrents. Writing a Widget Using Cairo and PyGTK 2.8, parts 1 and 2 Gstreamer based python audio player in no time: playing audio in python using gstreamer. Implementations: email package: the official python email implementation PyXMPP: Python Jabber/XMPPP implementation. Pitivi: a python/gtk/gstreamer application for editing video and audio. Serpentine: a python/gtk application for writing cd-audio discs. PYGMY: a python/gtk mail client. SQmail home page: SQmaiL is a mail user agent that uses python/mysql/gtk. Shtoom: a voip application written in python xmpppy: library that is targeted to provide easy scripting with Jabber