Goodies Two: The Reconing

I love music. I play music in the car, when I work, even when I sleep. So, when my sister offered to buy me a new mp3 player, I got really excited. The video ipods looked so nice, all clean and black and shiny-- they even play videos. But then, so did my old one. So I decided (and strangely enough have yet to regret) passing over the video ipod for a shuffle. For anyone who doesn't know, the shuffle is the smallest of the line-- in size, price, and storage capacity. And when I say small, I mean it. I'm too damn lazy to find my vernier calipers, but the case supposedly measures 1.07 inch tall, 0.98 inch wide, and 0.33 inch deep. It has an integrated clip and is extremely light weight. It uses a single port for audio, power and data transfer. Yeah, weird, takes a little getting used too. On one edge are two tiny sliding switches for power and shuffle/repeat, and the other has the jack and a status led. The face has 5 buttons, a combination play/pause, volume controls, and fore and back track switching. The play/pause button also hides some other features. By holding it in for three seconds locks out the controls from accidental triggering, and pressing it three times in succession will reset the playlist to the first track. In short, it is quite possible that the second gen shuffles are the best balance of technology and simplicity engineered to date, and I really am glad to have it over the full-sized pocket TV. This next (and last) item holds a special place in my heart, as do all devices intended to hurl copper jacketed chunks of lead at super-sonic velocities. A sub-compact .40 caliber Springfield Arms XD. This Pistol is really interesting, but I won't ramble on about all of the little features that make it special. Suffice it to say that the design is inspired by both Glock and John Browning, and when activated it goes BOOM!