Christmas and my birthday were banner events for me this year(what, you don't celebrate new years in the fall?), and I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks. Well, OK, I wanted to brag about my shiny (and matte) new toys. Where to start where to start... I suppose we should start with the biggest first: a shinny new silver and white Dell Inspiron 1501, outfitted with an AMD Turion x2 TL-56 64 bit processor, an even gig of ram and a dual layer DVD-+R/W drive. Thats a mouthful, but amounts to a sweet little PC. It even came with an extra battery and a gps locater. A piece of hardware that fine practically demanded an upgrade in my peripherals. Fortunately I also received a (matching I might add) Logitech headset and an actual laser mouse from the same manufacturer. I am truly surprised at the recording quality of the flexible boom mic. Maybe now I can actually use teamspeak and googletalk as they were intended. I'm not holding my breath though. The mouse is a true work of technophile art, a total of 10 buttons, a scroll wheel and 1000 dpi laser that appears to use a bandidlth that is outside of the visual spectrum, the only down side to this is that my mouse will no longer function as an emergency flashlight... Ok, yes, I realize I am a geek. That's all the blustering I can manage for today anyway. More unabashed pride later.