Make working flash with free tools

While this has been in the news a bit, I decided to try my hand at ActionScript recently and felt I would pass on my findings. There is an Eclipse setup (I am told) for flash development, but the massive IDEs aren't really my cup of tea, So I have found a few tools that may be of help to like-minded seekers of curiosities. First stop should probably be the Open Source Flash project at This is the holy grail of OS flash resources and where I found links to swfmill, an xml to swf and swf to xml processor, as well as the Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler, better known as MTASC. Both of these tools are available in Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. For more information on setting up these tools for flash development, see "How to structure and set up a Flash project without using the Flash IDE" on the OSFlash site.