Firefox Extensions 2006-09-13

A quick list of firefox extensions I'm using right now:

adblock - blocks elements in pages, can be selective or general.

adblock updater - updates blacklist from several third-party lists of adservers.

all-in-one sidebar - Gives you a few goodies in addition to opening common popup firefox windows (like downloads, extensions, themes) in the sidebar. Comes with url tools toolbar button, which lets you look up the current url on, whois, or the google cache. also suplies you with a vertically oriented toolbar that can collapse to a thin "grippy".

autohide - gives you a little more control over the fullscreen appearence of firefox, including, as the name suggests, autohiding toolbars.

chatzilla - Ah, this one brings back some warm memories of the internet around... 1998? I forget now. IRC client, useful, lite, small. unfortunatly, i can no longer open in a tab or the sidebar... damn.

crash recovery - in the event of a crash in firefox, crash recovery will open up all of the old tabs when you restart.

deepest sender - a blog composer for several different blog formats including blogger, wordpress, and livejournal.

downthemall - a download manager, one click access to emmbeded or linked objects.

flashblock - blocks flash and shockwave, replaced by a play button.

foxytunes - control your audio player from the status bar. pretty complete controls, as well as the currently playing song. Compatible with winamp, foobar2000, windows media player and more.

gmail manager - check the mail on multiple gmail accounts. supports https.

google browser sync - this is rather cool if you use more than one computer. It stores your currently open tabs and windows, as well as syncing your stored passwords, history, bookmarks and cookies on a server so you can stop working on one computer and pick right up on another. supports encryption for storage and transfer.

google calendar notifier - lets you subscribe to google calendar feeds, gives you one click access to your calendar and posts reminders.

image zoom - lets you zoom a single image or all images on a page.

pagestyle2tab - coppies the body css information to the page's tab. can also copy it to the whole browser.

pdfdownload - gives you options instead of just loading the acrobat plugin.

search plugin hacks lets you remove installed mycroft search engines.

spellbound - a spellchecker for firefox. needs a version bump to work with the current firefox, but works none the less.

translate - translate the current page into english. supports 12 languages including korean, japanese, chinese, and russian.

ubuntu forums - a toolbar menu for ubuntu forums. links to forum categories, searches, and adds context menu search for the forum, compiz forum, the wiki and other pages. Needs some customizing though, no options are available.

undoclosetab - another extension that needs a version bump, but otherwise works fine in the current firefox 1.5.*. right click on a tab and get "undo close tab" works like undo usually does, with a chronological history.

unplug - download embeded movies, including flash. Unlike video downloader, it doesn't connect to a third web page to do this.