News and an Extension

So, I'm (hopefully) writing this post from deepest sender, a firefox plugin that gives you the ability to post from the firefox sidebar. This, unfortunately, is due to avg antivirus recognizing portable firefox 2.0 as a trojan. And not the ribbed kind. DS is not 2.0 compatible yet, so I'd had it on a back shelf and was using performancing-- which BTW is teh suk compared to DS.

Hopefully this will encourage me to post more often. I hope to write a couple of entries here later, but for a quick status report:

The GDM theming tutorial is stalled at about 75-80 percent complete. I'm still not sure how glorious of a finish I want to give the instructional GDM theme. More on this later.

It looks like the Xubuntu team didn't care for either of my gtk themes, and have chosen to go withGTK a murrina-based theme. it's cool in that it's different, but the engine just leaves the themes looking too hard for my tastes. More on this later (film at eleven!).

Not only have I figured out how to get my Ubuntu box to play adultswim's fix, but I've figured out how to save them locally to... ahem, so I can, uh, play them without the lag of streaming. More on this later.

The supremely, nay, divinely simple GDM theme that I posted on gnome look now has it's second derivative posted there. I couldn't be more proud. the first was 22lips, and has a fantastic svg wallpaper of... two tulips. The second is part of a meta-theme/style pack for arch Linux.

My first theme, sunergos blue, should be breaking the 5,000 downloads barrier sometime today. Mind you, that's just from the two sites that I can keep track of, I've seen it posted (by others :D) in at least five theme sites, as well as on my sunergos homepage. That, in my opinion, is really fucking cool.

Hopefully, I will be gainfully employed again by the end of this month doing something that is a hair's breadth from my dream job. It's the first job Ive wanted to study up for, so I'm hoping things go well.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully this will post and not be eaten by the entarwebs....MFL &<