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Ever since enrolling in a crappy high school pottery class, I have had a love for sculpture. I always regretted my lack of skill with pencil, pen, and brush, but clay was my bitch. I blame an early affair with play-dough. While not having a readily accessible kiln has hampered my ceramic works, I have continued with my three dimensional diversions. Don't get me wrong, it's all crap. But I don't do it for acclaim or fortune (fortunately) I do it for me. Since I mainly work with found materials, I found the works of the following artists to be quite... um diverting.

Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan has used materials as mundane as fishing line, clear plastic drinking straws, paper plates, office supplies, tar paper, and even styrofoam cups to create ethereal, friking breath-taking organic structures. I seriously want "Untitled 2003" in my dream house(tm)


"Lockwasher" creates ray guns, robots, and rockets in a wonderfully anachronistic 1950s style from random junk stuff you could find at most flea markets. This reminds me all to much of how I passed many a bored night while my father wrenched away in our garage.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith creates some wonderful and touching sculptures, both kinetic and static, with what I feel are strong steam punk influences. I have a particular fondness for his figurative works, and feel quite inspired to try a few of my own.