My Top Five Google Complaints:

Sorry for the missed update yesterday. I was picking my mother up from the hospital. Selfish bastards. You, not mothers. Mothers are wonderful people. Well, most of them. Selfish bastards. So,I actually worked on this stupid list. I have quite a few complaints, as anyone who has met me could tell you. These five, however, are places where I really feel google dropped the ball. things that they absolutely should have implemented, and just didn't. Or haven't yet. With the exception of #2, there is no excuse for these features to be missing. So, without further non-sense, My Top Five Google Complaints:

  1. There is no search function in Reader.
  2. I still can't collaborate in Pages.
  3. Publishing from Docs to blogger does not transfer title or allow you to add blogger tags.
  4. I can't export single Note's "nodes" to Docs, only whole Notebooks.
  5. Reader doesn't have an option to display _unread_ news from oldest to newest.